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Why West Pack?

When purchasing bulk bags, you want to ensure that you’re buying from a
reputable company that is knowledgeable in the industry.

This means that you should be dealing with a FIBCA (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association) member.


West Pack is the only FIBCA member in the Pacific Northwest and one of a mere handful in the Western United States.
With probably the largest inventory for immediate shipment in the West, we will have a bag to fit your needs and are always happy to do custom orders from our overseas partners as well.

We can even manufacture domestically in our Kellogg, Idaho plant should you want or need.


Whether you’re looking for emergency stock or would like to get a custom order quoted;
Give West Pack a call to see what we can do for you.

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Mining Industry

Industrial minerals, metallic minerals or precious metals, West Pack, Inc. can provide a bulk bag to fit your specific needs. With U.N. Certified bags for concentrates, double-wall bags for steel, safe working loads up to 5,000 lbs., and everything in between, we have the bag to meet your needs!


The agricultural industry uses West Pack, Inc. bags for storing and transporting grain, feed, seed and fertilizers. Agriculture is BIG business and requires many BIG bags…that’s where West Pack, Inc. comes in! West Pack carries a wide variety of bags designed specifically for the agricultural industries. From beans to fertilizer to our specially designed hay cube bags, we can offer the FIBC that will perfectly meet your needs.

Chemical Plants

Specialty chemicals require specialty packaging. The chemical industry comprises one of our broadest customer bases. Each product, whether it’s pharmaceutical, mineral or hazardous waste, presents its own unique challenges when it comes to packaging. West Pack, Inc. is prepared to tackle your challenging product.
We have more than 25 years of experience
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West Pack can supply just about any type of FIBC you may be looking for.  

Give us a call for help in finding a bag to suit your needs from our inventory or click here for guidance in designing a custom bag specific to your product/process.  

We have manufacturing capabilities in both the USA and Mexico for expedited shipping of that “just in time” delivery.

Some of our Products

Circular Bags filled

U-Panel Bags Filled

filled Baffle bags


As a direct competitor of West Pack Inc., I appreciate their large selection of inventory in stock for immediate shipment.  I’ve purchased interim goods from them on more than one occasion when I’ve had container delays.  Quality product, readily available, from a company that you can trust to honor your customer relationships is a RARE combination.



Southern U.S. FIBC Distributor

Testimonial 2

When I needed a local source for erosion control products, I wasn’t sure where to turn and called West Pack.  After a short conversation with Jim, we were set up on a stocking program to meet our needs with ultra competitive pricing.  West Pack even delivers the product to our job sites; talk about superior service!

Kip McGillivray
McGillivray Environmental
Osburn, Idaho

Testimonial 3

Recently, with our current contracted bulk bag supplier, they ran into an inventory issue. When they were unable to meet our needs, we turned to West Pack and also a third supplier. Out of the three suppliers, West Pack was the only one that worked to assure we had a supply of bags. I have worked in the past with West Pack and they have always been very knowledgeable and reliable, most of all, they care about their customers!!  Thank you West Pack, keep up the good work!!
Domestic Steel Products Manufacturer
Duluth, Minnesota

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