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Question: What is the difference between an FIBC or a Bulk bag and a Supersack®?
Answer: The supplier.  A Super Sack® is merely an FIBC that is made or distributed by B.A.G. Corp.  Sometimes the manufacturer doesn’t even differ as we use a common overseas factory with them.

West Pack Inc./FIBC International doesn’t feel the need to add a catchy adjective for the bags that we distribute.  We prefer to have our products speak for themselves.  The only thing that we claim to be Super is our service.

Question:  What is the difference between a ton and a tonne?
Answer:   A ton is a unit of weight in pounds. (2000#s), whereas a tonne is a metric unit for 1000 kilograms (2204#s).  In short, the difference is 204#s.
Question: What size is a “ton bag”?
Answer: That would depend on what you’re loading.  We get this call quite often; people wanting to order a “ton bag”.  Our first reaction is usually: “Bowling balls or feathers?”.  In other words, it depends on the density of the product going into the bag.  This is usually fairly easy to find with a simple “Google” search.  It’s important to remember that we’re dealing with the “loose pack” density.
Question: Can you reuse bulk bags?
Answer: Bulk bags can be reused at your own risk. You’ll want to be aware of your safe handling procedures and implement an inspection process with special attention being paid to lifting loops.
Question: How do I know what size to order?
Answer: If you know the loose pack density of your product and the desired load weight, we can determine a size for you.
Question: Are your bags waterproof?
Answer: No. Coated bags provide a degree of moisture protection, however the material is frequently punctured during sewing allowing water to flow into the bag. A bag with a liner inserted and tied off securely, would be as close to “waterproof” as you can get. They would be basically “waterproof” as long as the liner is not punctured.
Question: Do you have a price list?
Answer: There are no list prices as all pricing is dependent upon quantities as well as F.O.B. points. Polypropylene resin prices frequently fluctuate affecting the bag pricing as well. If you are ordering off of a list price, you can be certain that you are not receiving the best possible price from your supplier.
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